Let them show us their moral superiority

Photo of charter bus (courtesy of World Net Daily)

I don’t get the mayoral meltdowns in New York, D.C., or Chicago. Haven’t they declared their cities to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens?

If so, they should be welcoming the busloads from Texas and Arizona. All those governors are doing is helping these cities fulfill their self-proclaimed destinies!

Could it be that these mayors are seeing the logical conclusion of their own delusional proclamations?

Or are those proclamations being revealed as being yet more empty moral posturing by a bunch of empty suits who don’t really mean a word of their own pathetic virtue-signaling?



A true story from deep in the heart of coal mine country

Picture courtesy of istockphoto.com

Oh those evil coal mines! And don’t get me started on the miners who propagate their evil.

But alas, there’s a catch to this narrative. You see, this past Friday (Sept. 2), an electric vehicle (you know, the cars who are going to save the planet?) broke down in the heart of (gulp!) coal mine country. Guess who recharged the car?

Yep, you guessed it: coal miners. And they used evil coal power to do so.

Think about it: coal miners save an electric car — with coal power.

Don’t you hate it when real life interrupts — and contradicts — our dogma?



I just won’t vote the way he wants me to!

President Joe Biden (courtesy of Getty Images)

This past Thursday evening (September 1, 2022), Joe Biden did his best to rally the country to vote in this year’s midterms. After watching the speech, I redoubled my resolve to do just that.

Voting is a non-negotiable hallmark of our democracy. So vote I will.

As a “MAGA conservative,” I will make sure to elect other like-minded extremists who (per Joe’s own words) “don’t respect the Constitution” and are “determined to take this country backward.” Indeed, I will vote for — and/or support — any “extremist” candidate with “dangerous” policies such as border security, fiscal responsibility, respect for traditional values, and showing strength to our enemies.

Thanks, Joe. Even though I was already mega-motivated, your speech lit a fire under me — as well as millions of other “extremists.”



Gary David Flamberg

Free-lance writer and fellow sojourner with a desire to communicate hope, convey truth as I see it, and encourage dialogue on important issues.